Few Are Angels

Few Are Angels Here is one of the latest productions that our team shot for Timid Monster Productions. I love working with these cool indie film makers, they keep winning award for their amazing film concepts. Fasten your seat belts for this supernatural thriller. The team created this film for award winning book author Ingrid Iverson, and its been turning heads since its release. Congratulations to Dan Baker and Rachel Taylor for this amazing work. I was honored to be the cinematographer for this film. Few Are Angels by Inger Iversen: http://amzn.com/B0086Z2KT0

Trailer produced by Timid Monster: http://timidmonster.com

A grief-stricken college student struggles with reality as dark visions plague her mind. When an alluring stranger reveals to her that the visions are a powerful gift sought after by an ancient prince, they begin a journey to stop the dark prince from exacting his revenge.  

Video Production Memphis - Avarice Film Trailer

Video Production Memphis - Avarice Film Trailer Here is the new short film trailer for Avarice, I shot this film with the Canon 5d. A short film by Rachel Taylor, produced by Dan Baker at Macedonia Films, and directed by Paul Skidmore. The Indie film company hired my production company, FilmIndesign, to shoot the film on the Canon 5d MarkII HDDSLR. The short film which was created to submit as a feature film project to movie studios. Dan's talented special effects and editing talents were used to help Rachel create this new short film about a young girl's dream world of mystery, beauty and darkness. I was very excited to shoot this film. Working with a full crew, casting & special effects art crew made this project a unique film, full of detail and tight shooting schedules kept the shoot on a very professional level. With over 2 years on this film project, this should be a well crafted short film.

Avarice - Behind The Scenes Photography - Meet Cinematographer Michael Allen

Heres a behind the scenes interview with the director, director and cinematographer of Avarice talking about the making of the short film and the choices of camera equipment, overcoming obstacles and more. Avarice is a new short film currently in post production. Written and directed by Rachel Taylor, Produced by Dan Baker, with Paul Skidmore as DP and Michael Allen as the cinematographer. Avarice is an indie film shot in Memphis using the talents of Macedonia Films collaborating with the film community in Memphis. Michael shot this interview session on the Canon 5d camera, with it's panovision image sensor, the Canon 5d was recently used to shoot such tv shows at House, and big screen segments on films such as Black Swan, and the film Act of Valor used the 5d almost entirely for their movie.

Video Production Companies - Video Production Memphis

Video Production Companies - Video Production Memphis Here's an interview with the main character of Avarice, Haley Parker. In this interview you'll get an inside look at Haley and her thoughts on making this short film. Written and Directed by Rachel Taylor, and produced by Dan Baker. Paul Skidmore was the DP with Michael Allen as Camera Operator on the Canon 5d MarkII.