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Really great wedding photo rules: Hire a good photographer with real expensive cameras, make sure he/she can focus the lens correctly, and make sure he/she really has a passion for amazing photography. I love to capture architectural details of the wedding day. For this wedding, the guys started the day at the Madison, we took the groomsmen out for a walk around downtown Memphis and captured some amazing images for a beautiful start of the wedding day.

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One of my favorite shots of the wedding day is of the groom. Most guys have a blast with the session, and my goal is to catch them being successful, fun, and looking great in their tux. The formal setting of a wedding brings the best out in guys, I go to extremes to find the right light and location for the grooms shot.

Wedding Bridal Sessions - Modern Photographers

I love to shoot the details of the bridal bouquet, and here are some classic red roses and the brides engagement ring.This one photo captures the dress, the flowers, the ring, and the beauty of the bride! I love to have a full hour with the bride on her wedding day early in the morning before the day gets started.

The Wedding Day - Memphis Wedding Photographer

Photographing a beautiful wedding is like shooting a fashion spread for a bridal magazine, capturing the bride in all of her beauty!

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Here's a classic photo of the groom during his morning photo session. I love to start early in the morning and capture all the details of the wedding day.

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I love shooting weddings! Capturing a couples special day is amazing. The guys in this wedding reminded me of a scene from a James Bond movie, the tuxedos, and how they all looked like professional bodyguards or some famous group of guys in a movie. I suggest situations instead of posing, for their shots they had so much fun. We started very early in the day and they were so happy, after their session, all they had left to do before the wedding was watch their favorite football game!

The Madison Hotel - Memphis Weddings

The art is in the details. Capturing architectural details offers couples wonderful memories of their wedding day. Here's a beautiful photo of The Madison Hotel in Memphis for our featured wedding.

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Part of a beautiful wedding is capturing the details of the day. I love to capture the locations and shoot great architectural details. One day way in the future, the couple will look back at their photos and show their kids, having details really paints a picture of their wedding day in vivid detail. Capturing emotions, details, people, and the wedding all go hand in hand. The doors at The Madison hotel form the letter M, and use music notes tying the hotel into the music history of Memphis.

Bridal Portrait Session - Memphis Weddings

The bridal session is a great option for the wedding day. Most brides opt for a pre wedding day session the week before!

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Capturing the bride on her wedding day is a vital role of a professional photographer, just the right lighting, capturing the most important day of her life.

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Beautiful bridal portraits of the bride on her wedding day are one of the highlights of the wedding. I offer a classic style of modern photography that all brides love!

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Here's the bride on her wedding day moments before the ceremony!

A Beautiful Church Wedding in Memphis

A beautiful church wedding scene from the alter of the church.

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One of the bridesmaids moments before walking down the isle at her best friends wedding.

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A beautiful image of the wedding ceremony. The father walking his daughter down the isle.

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A beautiful photograph of the wedding ceremony!

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One of my favorite photographs is the couple walking down the isle, it signifies their walking together in their new life journey together!

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Capturing all the details is a vital part of the wedding day, I use macro lenses to capture all the fine details of the day with vivid color and clarity! Let the celebration begin! When I shoot wedding films, I use lots of lenses to capture an incredible style the typical video guys just can't do. Check out one of my wedding films and see the difference.

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Here's a great detail shot of the evening reception! I love to capture every detail of the wedding reception along with the guests and family having fun!

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I love to catch couples having fun!

Wedding Photographers Memphis - The First Dance

Special thanks to Caia and Chris for being one of the featured weddings on my gallery. They had an amazing wedding with lots of beautiful details and great family & friends. Here's the first dance in classic black and white.

Wedding Photography Memphis - First Dance

The first dance is followed by the father dancing with the bride in celebration of her new life!

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The wedding toast offers great moments of the couple celebrating their wedding day with friends!

Wedding Reception Memphis Photography

The cutting of the cake is a fun tradition the each couple enjoys. The true meaning is - the couple gets to share and celebrate with friends and family. When each guest takes a bite of cake, they are honoring the couple and sharing in the launch of their future together!

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I offer a combination of classic, modern, edgy and beautiful wedding photography for my clients. Fitting a style of photography that captures who they are. Some weddings are hip and cool, some are classic and traditional. Let me know what you like! Here's a simple detail photo of the wedding cake after it was cut. Beautiful red velvet cake, YUM!~

Modern Wedding Photography - Memphis Modern Weddings - Memphis Country Club

A great detail shot of the Memphis Country Club entrance with the red carpet rolled out for the wedding guests!

Wedding Reception - Memphis Tennessee

Here's a great photo of one of the guests having fun at the reception!

Modern Traditional Wedding Photography - Memphis Weddings

Capturing the details and people having fun at the wedding day celebration is so much fun for the couple to enjoy years after the wedding day. Heres a great shot of the band playing some great music at the reception.

Classic Wedding Photography

Classic wedding photography keeps coming back into style year after year. Heres a fun photo of the wedding reception!

Wedding Day Details - Memphis Modern Wedding Photographer

Again, it's all in the details. Beautiful images like these abound on the wedding day. Capturing details is as important as capturing the emotions of the day! Here is a great photo of the couple with their toasting flutes. They look so happy at this time of the evening celebration!