Engagement Film Reel - Memphis Wedding Videographer

Memphis Wedding Videographer SAVE THE DATE - ENGAGEMENT SHORT FILMS Michael Allen is our creative director and photographer. He uses his "out of the box" ideas to create modern, artistic cinema short films that capture each couple in a unique and well planned story. If you are looking for the low budget video styles of the past, sorry, we just don't do those. Our films are shot in full HD clarity, and offer options for aging effects, or bold fresh color that is amazing. Each film is budgeted for the style you want. The price range of our engagement films is amazingly low and the basic film starts at about $750 for one like this. (also includes stills for annoucements & prints- you get an engagement "save the date" short film and photography session) More complex engagement films begin at $1000 and range up to $3000 depending on the locations, details, crew, length of film, and other factors. Oh yea, we only shoot a few films each year, and may not have availability, so please check with us for our production calender dates. We have a very small indie style crew that stays booked out for months in advance. Our films are iPad, Facebook & YouTube ready!