Studio “A” Photography Studio Suite


Photography Studio “A” consists of a 20′ x 13′ studio space with white painted floors, 10′ ceilings, a white vinyl 9′ x 20′ backdrop, several 10′ x 20′ backdrops in a variety of colors, several paper backdrops including grey, white and straw. A set of (8) 2′ x 8′ flats, 60″ Alien Bees Moon Light, a 24″ x 24″ spider light soft box and a 24″ x 19″ single soft box, (2) Studio strobes, a 24″ x 24″ Westcott Speedlite soft box, a 6′ x 10′ natural window light with (2) 10′ x 10′ white diffuser on moveable curtain track, and black out curtains on track so the studio can be used as white or full blackout. We use (4) 1000 watt fresnels for hot lights on a small dimmer control, along with our fluorescent soft boxes. A California Sunbounce 4′ x 6′ framed reflector/scrim kit and several oval reflector/diffusers.

Our gear includes Canon cameras and lenses, a Canon 5d and 5d II, a Canon 6d, Canon lenses including 50mm 1.4 and 1.2, 100mm Macro, 15mm fisheye, 24-105 mm IS, 70-200 mm IS lenses and (2) 600 EX Speedlites. We can shoot tethered to our iPad, Mac Pro Laptop or a 30″ HD Monitor with remote control shutter release. Our video accessories include several Manfrotto 503 heads on sticks, 2 micro dolly sliders, 1 skater dolly on 5 ft rails, a mini boom and a steady stick. We have several light stands, backdrop stands, and C stands with accessory booms. Our table top and catalog work is done with (3) folding tables under our 60″ moon light. It’s a perfect small studio that we use daily for portraits, headshots, product shots as well as a small video interview studio.


Adjacent to the studio is our office / showroom serves as a lifestyle portrait studio and is a beautiful 21′ x 18′ space with adjacent restroom, full size eat in kitchen, complete with wi-fi, full length mirror, a 60″ flatscreen HD Tv monitor, and a gallery space to preview some of our select photographs, gallery canvas prints, catalog and album samples. We have a 42″ Epson Pro 9800 Photo printer for in house printing.

Our adjacent editing suite is a 13′ x 14′ computer office has an iMac and a Mac Pro tower and 15 terra bite raid tower with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, with a Final Cut X editing suite complete with a 16 channel Mackie board and JBL 4410a Monitors powered by a 1000 watt Mackie M1400 Amplifier with 2 AN-100 hot spot monitors, and a small selection of Seinheisser Mics. We are a home studio based in Memphis Tennessee, located within 2 miles of and have access to just about every professional still and video camera and accessory available in the world.