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Weekday Studio Sessions Available – EMAIL OR CALL FOR TIMES

Professional Photography for Your Family.

It’s a beautiful spring morning with crisp cool air, birds singing and ducks swimming, or it may be a warm summer afternoon with the sounds of the city in the background. . . . . I like to take my clients on the adventure of a live photo shoot. Laughter, conversation and smiles. Being comfortable helps everyone relax and enjoy their time in front of the camera. To me its about creating a fun experience and capturing their positive emotions on film. Whether its on the beachfront, the low country, in the woods, in my studio or on the city avenues, we are going to have some fun.

I also think its important to use professional gear that’s designed for incredible quality. It also takes a lighting expert, so I’m always on a quest to find just the right location for natural light. In the studio, I’ve designed it to be professional and comfortable. I’ve sourced some of the best gear in the world. My direction is simple, I let you be you, and try to capture those special moments that everyone loves.

People always ask whats my favorite kind of photography. It’s photography thats fresh, distinctive and unique, commercial work is fun, but I love photographing people, thats what makes me happy. Crafting a beautiful photo is what I love too do, and I suppose that’s why I gets calls from all over the USA to work on professional photo shoots.  Once you see what I can do for your family portraits, you will call me again year after year!

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We would love to have you commission Michael for your next family session, lets make it an adventure that you will never forget! Individual Studio Sessions start at $150, Individual Location Sessions start at $250 and Family Group Sessions start at $500.