The Secret Formula

Everyone wants a secret formula, that’s what everyone wants today, and to some extent, this book will offer insights and formulas that photographers can use to succeed in the wedding photography world. Brides and Wedding Planners get to find out what’s going on in the mind of a creative photographer, and the challenges that can make -or break- creating beautiful wedding photographs. There are a lot of books about weddings in the marketplace, this one offers some different insights from the eyes of a successful professional photographer.

Photographers: Having experience, great equipment, and many weddings under your belt is a key element. It takes hard work, and a good plan. Being a great wedding photographer takes a special person, a visionary, and lots of creative talent and a lot of passion. I like to compare great wedding photography to running a marathon. It takes practice, a solid plan, and tenacity. The last thing you want is a cookie cutter recipe, every wedding is different, and your goal should be to make each wedding you photograph unique. I’m a firm believer in the right gear, my current camera bag holds over $10,000 worth of gear, not to mention my studio gear and back office workflow systems. Serious wedding photographers need the most current, high quality systems to help them achieve incredible results. Creating and maintaining a beautiful, artistic photography portfolio is essential to succeed in todays very competitive market place, this book will help give you an edge. Knowing proper customer service is vital as well. It takes a great personality, a people person, and lots of positive energy. The book goes into detail to help you discover your ability, and the style that matches you to the right clientele.

Brides & Wedding Planners: Most brides don’t really know what it takes for really great wedding photography, unless they are professional photographers themselves. The decor, attention to details, the right lighting, a proper schedule for time, are all essential elements to create a wedding of a lifetime. Hiring a really great photographer can be overwhelming with so many in the marketplace. You really need to know the details in this book to ensure that great photographs can happen. The book includes over 100 tips for successful wedding photographs, plus the Top Ten Tips for Brides for Beautiful Wedding Photography, which was recently featured by the worlds leading professional wedding photography hosting service,

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