Read what others had to say about Michael and The Book. We used the book in our latest workshop and focused on several chapters for one of our photography workshops held in Seaside Florida. With a room full of new photographers eager to learn, here’s what they had to say:

Michael your book is amazing. I read though all the chapters then went backwards and read to the beginning now I am on chapter 8. I will have to read it over and over there is so much for me to learn. I want to buy a few for my friends this is just what we need at this time in our lives. I love this book. You amaze me. Thanks again.– Bridgette


I really enjoyed your class and the chance to work with you. Your book is very helpful in learning how to expand my photography skills, it’s a great read, a full of great content, and full of great situations to help me understand my camera better. Thanks to your advice, this year I’m going to WPPI and take my business to a new level. – Rob


Michael, your book and workshop took me out of my comfort zone, and helped my try new ways to use my camera. I love the detailed chapters and all the great advice on how to create better photography for my business . The Fashion Photography book was superb! What a great and rare opportunity to read and study about seasoned photographers to learn their craft. This is a great platform for photographers interested in building their technical expertise and breaking into the field of fashion photography. – Amber


Here’s what one editor said about Michael. “Recently, I [Reel Models] wrote about how important it is to have a great portfolio. It is not just to showcase a bunch of random photos, but rather to show you at your best. In order to take your portfolio to the next level, I have started to notice a new trend in how some models are showcasing themselves in order to stand out. Enter the world of Video Reels.Video reels are not yet overly common right now, but they are definitely being used more and more to enhance a portfolio. One of the best video reels I have seen so far is the reel for Anna Knight, which was created by Filmindesign / Michael Allen. Not only is it a video reel, but it was shot in HD. I liked it so much that I had to include it into the RM Video Stream on the home page.” – Reel Models


Here’s what another editor said about Michael. Michael’s talent is always amazing. For our recent photo shoot in Seaside Florida, he organized the teams and led an amazing workshop based on his new book. The event was so good in fact, the management at Seaside complimented us as being one of the very best photography teams that they had ever worked with. That’s quite a compliment coming from the town that hosted the filming of “The Truman Show” with Jim Carrey.– Sherra Meyers – Southern Bride Magazine


Here’s a review from a leading worldwide photo book author. “What will first strike you are the amazing images he has on his website {just like the ones I have included here,} so you can already see the reason why I am recommending him as the main guy to show you his wedding photography tricks:) In fact what impressed me most was his wedding photography training tutorial that leaves you with the desire to learn more… and so you can, in Michael’s well illustrated wedding photography books…”
-Dan Fieldman – Learn Digital Photography Now