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Are you struggling with light? Do you want to figure out how the pros take incredible photographs? Michael’s book walks you through dozens of lighting situations, including all natural light, which is every photographers preference. But what about studio flash? harnessing the power of the sun? What about those speed lights?

I spent years stuck in one kind of light, natural daylight. I love natural light, but when I got stuck in dark locations, I had no choice but to use my flash. Oh my, how to tame that monster! I did learn to bounce my flash, but that only goes so far, and my creative shots were gone. But, when I learned how to use off camera flash, and 2-3 flash units with wireless triggers, my quality of photography changed immediately, this was an amazing transformation for me, and wanted to learn more. My images were better, my colors popped, it opened my eyes to a higher level of photography, now my confidence level is huge, there’s no limit to what I can do with flash, hot lights, LED lights, reflectors and the sun!

You will see specific photos with my personal tips, the camera settings, the light set up and the details that you need to take your photography to new professional levels! Step by step lighting setups are shown using real photos and a breakdown of each photo, how it was shot, and how it was lit. You’ll get step by step tips of almost every lighting situation photographers face is daily real life shoots for portrait sessions, magazine shoots, weddings and more.

Our “Photography Lighting Secrets Book” has over 60 Pages of Detailed Information about natural light and flash photography lighting!

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