Here are some frequently asked questions and our contact info if you have any questions or comments:
  • You have 2 books? Yes, the first book is all about modern wedding photography, the second books tells more about natural light photography and flash photography, mixed light, and harnessing the power of the sun!
  • I just want to be a wedding photographer, I’m not interested in being a world famous celebrity wedding photographer, so why should I buy your books? That’s exactly why my books will help you, setting your sights on the top 10 worlds best photographers is a great goal, but in reality, you do very well in your market and make good money. Some of the books written by rock star photographers are great, but they are a bit untouchable. My books are written for the photographer who just wants to be a good photographer and have fun, a relate to you in a down to earth way!
  • As a new photographer, will this help me know how to operate my camera? This book is written for photographers with some experience and want to go to the next level. While we touch base of some camera operations, most of what you will learn is how we set our cameras for certain lighting situations, and more advanced principals in shooting.
  • When I purchase the books, how soon will I get a download access? Generally the download access form goes active immediately, you will also get a confirmation email with a download link as well.
  • Do the books include photos and examples? Yes, the book does have many photos, and it has many chapters of text explaining various situations. It’s a good read, but has lots of great photos to help you see what we are teaching.
  • I’ve been a photographer for a while and want to learn more about lighting, why should I buy your books instead of others out there? My approach to lighting offers several approaches to lighting. Bouncing light with reflectors is great, but I suggest very large reflectors and you see why in my photo examples. I also show the use of “hot lights” or off camera video lights, and simple uses for compact flash units and commercial style flash.
  • Some books are very technical, and I get lost trying to figure out light ratios, settings, etc. What does your book teach me about technical settings? Our studio limits our conversation about technical terms, we use laymen’s terms that are easier to understand. For example, if your key light is too bright, then lower your settings on the light. If your back light is too harsh, then lower the intensity. We teach you some simple ways to meter light using your digital camera. We also approach photography as an artist would, each photographer develops their own style from their own artistic approach. We also encourage you to attend lots of classes on a professional level and be a continual learner in your photography career.
  • Can I get a printed copy of your books?  Yes, just give us an email and we can send you instructions for purchasing a copy. We keep a few copies in our studio and can rush you a copy if you need it quickly. We can also get you bulk pricing for using the book in a classroom setting at a community college, summer photography camps, and art schools.
  • Whats the difference in editorial photography vs. wedding photography? Typically most weddings are shot using all natural light and some fill flash due to the fast pace of the wedding day and the many changes in locations. Bringing a truck load of studio flashes, lighting stands, reflectors and backdrops is just not feasible. Editorial style photography generally uses lots of light modifiers, scrims, reflectors, hot lights and takes time to set up and plan each shot. For a wedding portrait, you generally have just a few minutes to shoot a couple, in editorial photography that will be used for catalogs, magazines, etc, you may spend an hour just setting up one shot.
  • How do I find out more about Michael Allen Photography? Visit to visit Michael’s websites.
  • Who is Michael Allen and how can he inspire me as a photographer? Michael is an award winning photographer who’s photographed such celebrities as country music mega stat Dierks Bentley and Lauren Alaina, along with The “Blind Side” movie inspiration Leigh Anne Tuohy just to name a few. He’s worked on hundreds of weddings and editorial weddings across the South. He has a unique photography style that crosses several genres, and his book is written from a classroom perspective to help you nail down some photography techniques that you’ve always wanted to learn. From natural light photography, to mixed light, both studio flash and portable strobes, to working with hot lights and LED lighting. His work is beautiful and timeless.

For questions related to purchasing the book, fill out the contact form below or email us directly at Michael Allen Photography (We will try to respond in 24hrs, but remember we are out shooting on location quite often and may not have access to our email.)