These exciting new books were written by the lead editorial photographer for Southern Bride Magazine, Michael Allen. He offers his insights into editorial and high end wedding photography written in a simple conversational style format. The books cover more than the basics, with special attention to detail. With all the photography books on the market, Michael offers insights for photographers who want to grow their business and make a statement about their branding. Michael shares the differences in Lifestyle Photography, Editorial Photography and Photojournalistic Photography. What equipment and cameras are the best for wedding and fashion photography? What is your style, and how do you appeal to clients with your photography styles. With over 100 pages packed full of dialog and information, Michael covers every single detail that you’ll need to know about high end weddings, editorial portfolios and how to grow a successful photography business. Michael’s second new book shares simple recipes for lighting. From all natural light, to outdoor flash, to studio flash systems, reflectors and portable flash.